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Our Human Resources Policy

At Tamçeki, the satisfaction and happiness of our employees is critical to the success of our business. By applying the basic principles of our human resources policy, we attach importance to the development, performance, health and safety of our employees. In this way, we maintain our "best product" and "best service" policy and carry the Tamçeki brand, which symbolizes trust and quality, further in the country and abroad.


Tamçeki treats all its employees equally. It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, language, political opinion, physical disability or any personal characteristics in the recruitment, promotion and promotion processes.

Investing in People

Tamçeki invests in the development and careers of its employees. We provide our employees with regular training, seminars and opportunities to develop their special skills.

Health and Safety of Employees

Tamçeki takes the necessary measures for the health and safety of its employees. We ensure that our employees work in a safe environment with occupational health and safety trainings, appropriate work equipment and risk management policies.

Performance and Success Orientation

Tamçeki adopts a performance and success-oriented approach. The performance of our employees is critical to achieving company goals. For this reason, we regularly measure the performance of employees and support them with feedback.


Tamçeki encourages its employees to collaborate. Working together, we can achieve goals faster and more effectively.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

Tamçeki applies a fair and competitive remuneration policy to its employees. We adopt a performance-based compensation system to recognize and reward the contributions of our employees.
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