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Our company’s service department continues its uninterrupted service – maintenance and calibration services within the framework of 24/7 customer satisfaction principles with its large vehicle fleet, fully equipped and trained expert staff. Our R&D department, which we have developed in order to provide better service to our customers, is getting closer to its goals every day and carries out its research in line with your expectations.

You can get help from us by informing your technical support request regarding your current system to [email protected] or by calling (0 232) 433 44 33 to the service department.

Full Weighing Calibration Service provides service with its fully equipped vehicles all over Turkey in the calibration of M1 class weights and non-automatic weighing instruments.

You can get help from us by notifying the service department about your current weighing system request for calibration service or your questions about the subject to [email protected] or by calling (0 232) 433 44 33.

Your non-automatic weighing instrument with a capacity of more than 2 tons is required to be inspected every 2 years (periodical inspection deadline February 29, 2020) from the year of manufacture and/or the last stamp, and after the repairs, which must be done by the user by applying to the relevant institution (15 days after the temporary stamp is made) has been authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in accordance with the inspection regulation (article 4 (j)) published in the official gazette dated 11.10.2019 and numbered 30915) to perform its services.

We strongly advise you to apply to TSE Regional Directorates for periodic inspection (item 8) until the end of February of the current year, and for repair inspections within 15 days from the temporary stamp period.

Inspection Regulation:

Inspection Fee Regulation:

For TSE Application:

Reference Guide:Ölçü%20Aletleri%20Aşvuru%20Klavuzu.pdf

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